Lessons Learned about Accessibility in Health IT - Shared screen with speaker view
Aris Blevins (Epic)
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Dani Nordin (she/hers)
Are you switching slides? I’m seeing the same 3-bullet slide from earlier in the presentation
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The slide should have just changed to ‘Employment of the Disabled'
Aris Blevins (Epic)
Excuse me - had a window overlapping - ‘Employment of Disabled Provider’
David Berg
Question: what is your preferred Screen Reader? What are some common issues using that tool that we should be aware so that we can program around that?
Sam Krueger
Question: In an ideal world, I think the accessibility experience should be owned by everyone who’s building or supporting said product. But typically, I think this oversight can frequently fall onto a few experts, or a designated accessibility group, causing a knowledge bottle neck.I know accessibility = good. But personally, I get a little overwhelmed on where to even start sometimes. Any tips/resources on how to lower this ‘barrier’?
Dustin Brown
When it comes to improving accessibility at our organizations, do you have suggestions on how to best advocate for users with disabilities (especially when we encounter resistance)? For example, how do we convey the priority of supporting accessibility when others think it's more important to keep up with similar tools in the industry?
David Berg
Thank you for you answers!
Dani Nordin (she/hers)
Can folks who aren’t in the panel/on the call mute themselves? There’s a conversation happening in someone’s background and I don’t think it’s on the panel.
shashank sharma
Wonderful answer
Daniel Seltzer
Question: Are there software design features that are intrinsically better or worse for designers to use in the interest of accessibility? You mentioned that calendars can be challenging. How about spreadsheets? Graphs?clocks? overlays? icons? Should any other features be avoided?
Carol Reynolds
thank-you great conversation!
David Bucciferro
this was great thanks
Kim Peifer (she/her)
Thank you this was very informative
Alicia Lacroix
thank you so much! this was awesome